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Lexi (“Cedar Ridge Dixie Flyer”) July 9, 1992 – August 6, 2009 --- Lexi died peacefully in my arms today. She had suffered a major seizure on August 5th and was experiencing kidney failure. She had recently celebrated her 17th birthday! (She was diagnosed with an invasive mast cell cancer at 5yo and not expected to live beyond 7 years old.) Her passing brings to an end the “legacy” of my trio of beloved dogs Smokey, Cassie and Lexi. For decades they provided me with unending love, joy and companionship. I cannot say one of their names without thinking of or mentioning the others. I do not have words for how big and deep this loss is for me and it will take a while for this reality to sink in. I am, however, relieved that Lexi’s suffering ended swiftly. She was such a sweet, sweet dog. She was so agreeable and easy to care for, always grateful for whatever I did for her. She was a secure member of my pack, and was close with both Smokey and Cassie. She had a quiet contentment about her, and I have learned so much from her about living with gratitude for simple kindness and contentment. Since Smokey died 6 months ago, I have been able to give Lexi my full attention and love (not to mention delicious home cooked meals!). Knowing this, I was able to let her go with a sense of deep peace.

Scout, we are so blessed to have been able to share the last 10 of your 15 or so years on this earth (from December 22, 2000 to December 10, 2010). Although your last year was difficult at times, and having to finally make the decision to give you back to God was heartbreaking, we hold dear memories of the many wonderful times we had with you. We loved playing innumerable games of fetch in the yard, as you would practically throw your little football back at us so we would toss it again, and again, and again. We enjoyed walking our neighborhoods with you or taking you to the Farmers' Market, where everyone would exclaim over how beautiful you were, and the little kids would want to pet you. We loved coming home to find you in the window looking for us so your nose would be right at the door as we came in. We laughed at how you anticipated commands when we had our training sessions on rainy days, as you tried multiple responses if we didn't give you your treat fast enough. And we couldn't ever walk away without petting you when you rolled over (and over and over) on your back waiting for tummy rubs. Whether you were vacuuming up your food, sloppily lapping up your water, following us around from room to room, barking as you looked out the front door, herding us whenever you expected a treat (you knew our routines and habits better than we did), or just sleeping peacefully like the angel you are, we treasure every moment we had with you. We missed many of these things during your last year, but we will never forget any of them. Now you are resting peacefully, right next to our first sheltie, Boo Radley, in a quiet place in our backyard that you loved so much. We remember how soft your fur felt (especially those silky ears), your soft kisses, and how sweet you always smelled. Yes, you are still our beautiful boy, as you are in our hearts forever, until we meet again in heaven -- for it wouldn't be heaven if you were not there. Love, Marianne and Rosanne

1987 - 2001

This precious 4 year old, tiny, 8.5 lb. female came from a Missouri puppy mill near Trenton, MO. She had hydrocephalus which caused severe brain damage, yet the miller was using her as a breeding dog. Hydrocephalus is terminal -- there was no hope of Amy ever healing or leading a normal life. Amy went to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday, August 2, 2004, peacefully in the arms of Janice. Amy was a very special little Sheltie, and touched the hearts of everyone who visited with her before her journey to the Bridge. Her ashes were returned to her foster parents, Pat and Theresa, for burial.

"Chances Rainbow Run for the Roses" "Rose" 1991 - 2004 Beloved Sheltie girl of Dick and Betty Nemeth. Rose is the blue merle Sheltie pictured with Marie at the top of this page.

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