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Adoption Application

Adoption Procedures (Please read before submitting an application):

We only serve St. Louis and the surrounding counties (within a 150 mile radius, generally two hours driving time).

Many of our dogs have been through multiple homes in their short lives. Many have experienced abandonment in overcrowded, noisy shelters. Many have experienced hungry days and nights on the run, living in terror as they avoid traffic and people chasing them on the streets. We want our dogs to go to the very best homes possible where they will live out their lives in safety and kindness. In order to help us find the very best homes for our dogs, we follow the process listed below.

Submit an Application to Adopt (below). Then, have patience -- we are an all-volunteer organization. We also have lives, jobs, dogs and families, too; not to mention procedures within our group to follow. We will get to you just as soon as possible.

Your application will be reviewed and you will receive a phone call from one of our volunteers. During the phone call we will learn more about what you are looking for in a companion for your family, and we can answer any of your questions. This information will be shared with our Placement Director and kept on file. If we do not feel that a Sheltie would be the best breed of dog for you, we will let you know at that time. If we feel that a rescue dog would not be the best option for you, we will let you know that as well.

When the Placement Director identifies a dog that would best match your lifestyle and physical requirements, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment to visit with the prospective dog in the foster home. We ask that all family members attend the visit.

You are not required to adopt the dog you visit. This visit is a compatibility check to see if you feel that particular dog is the right one for you, and for us to assess whether we feel the dog is a good match for your family. We ask that you take at least 24 hours to think it over, to ensure that you are making a thoughtful decision. If we feel the dog is a good match for your family, and if you want to adopt the dog, the next step is a home visit by a volunteer in the applicant's area. The purpose of the home visit is to verify that you are who you say you are, and to identify any potential safety hazards in your home or yard.

Once the home visit is complete, then the Placement Director will arrange for a date and time for the final adoption. A volunteer will bring the Sheltie to the applicant(s) home to help the dog get settled. At this time the adoption contract is signed and the donation is collected. Information is provided as to how to help your Sheltie adjust with minimal disruption, basic care and grooming procedures are covered, and any questions answered. The President makes the final decision on ALL adoptions.



Second Chance Sheltie Rescue reserves the right to terminate the adoption process at any time, for any reason.   Those reasons will be identified to the applicants if the adoption process continues past the telephone interview.
The adoption process is followed, and it is entirely possible for the decision to terminate the adoption process to occur at the final step prior to adoption (e.g., the visit to the potential adopter's home with the dog).  
Verbal or physical threats to the members, volunteers and the organization will be considered for prosecution by law enforcement - inaccurate statements will be handled under the State's Libel laws for prosecution.
We MAY consider homes without physical fences  for adoption.  Each case will be measured on its own merits.  Tie-outs are NOT permitted for any case wherein a person is not able to have a physical fence.  If the rescue observers identify any reason or condition why they feel the rescue dog's life wold be in jeopardy, they must terminate the adoption application until such reasons or conditions are rectified.