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How to Find a Reputable Breeder
Testing stock
DO NOT ADOPT FROM A PET STORE!  A reputable breeder never sells their puppies to pet stores -- ever!  Every single puppy for sale in a pet store can be traced back to a puppy mill, and your purchase is supporting the inhumane industry of puppy mills.  If you bought a sick dog, or if you'd like to know if your pet shop dog is from a puppy mill check out  To fill out complaint forms:   Companion Animal Protection Society  These organizations gather information for investigations and legal action.

Definition of a Reputable Breeder:

A responsible breeder breeds to the standard, including the parts that address temperament, intelligence, and working ability.

A responsible breeder breeds to improve the breed, and only to improve the breed and has no more litters than necessary to do so.

A responsible breeder keeps no more dogs than he or she can provide quality nutritional and medical care, and attention and training for.

A responsible breeder shows his or her stock in conformation and/or performance and working events to evaluate his or her dogs against others in the breed (preferably both).

A responsible breeder tests all breeding stock for known and testable genetic disorders.

A responsible breeder carefully screens prospective buyers and matches each dog or puppy to the right home.

A responsible breeder sells or places pets with spay/neuter contracts and limited registration.

A responsible breeder takes back any dog he or she has produced at any point in the dog's life should the dog for any reason need rehoming.

A responsible breeder assists with rescue.

Finding a Responsible Breeder

How do you find a responsible breeder? American Shetland Sheepdog Association

What to look for in a healthy dog or puppy!

When evaluating dogs, these are some things you should be looking for.
Do the puppies/dogs have discharge from the eyes, nose, or anus? Do they appear healthy?
Are the coats soft, full, and clean?
Do any of the puppies or adults exhibit fear when around or near the breeder?
Does the facility appear clean and sterile?
Do the puppies/dogs have plenty of energy when awake yet calm down easily when gently stroked?
Does the breeder seem knowledgeable about the Shetland Sheepdog?
Does the breeder have no more than 2 breeds of dogs and 1 litter at a time?
Does the breeder provide pictures and info on both parents?
Does the breeder suggest or insist upon spay/neutering? *Good sign of reputable breeder*
Does the breeder OFFER BOTH parents medical records? *Good sign of reputable breeder*
Does the breeder ask that you fill out a questionnaire (as buyer)? *Good sign of reputable breeder*
Can the breeder direct us to a puppy/dog that best fits our lifestyle?
Are the pedigrees 3-5 generations back?
How many titled dogs are in the first 3 generations?
Does the breeder wish to be informed of the puppy/dogs accomplishments and problems throughout the duration of its life?
Do I feel comfortable with this person?
Do I feel pressured or like I'm asking too many questions?
Hip Clearance (OFA)
Eye Clearance (CERF)
Thyroid Checked
Screened for Von Willebraun's Disease
Cleared for any other hereditary diseases common to the breed **

So You Want to Breed Your Pet

Think twice before breeding your pet. Check out Virtual Breeding before making this decision.
Virtual Breeding

American Shetland Sheepdog Association
The American Shetland Sheepdog Association web site contains a wealth of information on the Shetland Sheepdog, plus of list of recommended breeders!