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Second Chance Sheltie Rescue
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Basta - adopted!
Photo courtesy of Sheer Joy Pet Photography

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Finding homes for unwanted and abandoned Shelties
Serving areas within a 125 mile radius of St. Louis, Missouri

Second Chance Sheltie Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit all-volunteer organization that helps unwanted and abandoned Shelties.  We do not have a shelter for the public to visit.  All dog visits occur in our foster homes and must be scheduled in advance after submitting an adoption application.

All Shelties are given necessary veterinary care, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and their temperament evaluated. All adoptive homes are carefully interviewed to ensure the best possible match between Sheltie and family.   *A SECURELY FENCED YARD IS A REQUIREMENT TO ADOPT.*  Invisible fences are not considered "secure" fencing.  Tie-outs will not be accepted as alternatives to fencing.  Review the adoption application process prior to starting an adoption application form.
Adoption Donation of $250 for dogs over 16 weeks, $350 for puppies under 16 weeks. Depending on age of dog, Senior Sheltie adoption donations range from $50 to $150. For detailed information on how to visit with a Sheltie in our program, or to adopt a Sheltie, please read our ADOPTION PROCEDURES.  For safety reasons, an Adoption Application must be filled out before visiting with any Sheltie in our program -- you are under no obligation to adopt.

To reach Second Chance Sheltie Rescue by phone: 
888-873-5443 is our voicemail system - its is not a live, manned telephone. Please leave a message identifying your name, city, telephone number, and reason you are calling. Its important to know what you are calling about so we can assign the call to the correct person.  PLEASE speak slowly and clearly or we will be unable to return your call.   Have patience -- we are a very small group of volunteers!

Due to the heavy volume of email, phone messages, and snail mail, plus a small volunteer team, it may take up to a week for someone to respond to your requests.  Most calls are returned within 24-48 hrs.  Long distance calls will be returned collect.
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